The Life Success Course For High Schools - Propose A New Useful Curriculum

The LIFE SUCCESS course project for high school. Educational curriculums planned way of changing today for Americas greater success. 

“Reorganize our educational concepts and way of teaching, grading, and applying knowledge.” – Ryan O’Neill          New class for USA schools, life success course, course for success high school students

Enthusiastically, imagine the bald eagle being with the symbol of the United States of America. The eagle has the greatest line of sight, an ability to examine an overview of our entire land.

It does not matter who you are; our president, our politicians, our family, friends, you and me, we are led or taught to learn established topics with no choice from us beginning in grade 1 until grade 12. By developing a new course, I have termed; ‘The Life Success course’, relevant and important subjects pertaining to success, achievement, and personal development growth will be taught to every student going through our school system by teachers who have studied the laws and principles that lead to achievement, success, happiness, and evolution. This course has been made because we have foresight to know every effect must have a cause; this endeavor is to spark the desires in our youngest citizens to hope of a positive course; dream of ideas that can change our world; believe that whatever they give they will receive back; and achieve anything by harnessing the power inside their unlimited mind.    

Diving into research from multiple studies, personal experience, and world-wide intuition I propose that we need to prepare another plan for our educational system immediately to teach other necessary intellectual and social movements. Specifically, in the field of success, self-help, determination, and personal development concepts. Specific educational books like the Law of success do this now, yet these are not like our algebra textbooks. I think it’s best to show evidence from our first example on the next page to help convince you; the curriculum educational change as far out as it seems can happen, and this is included for reference! This is the ‘social movement’ theory for change!  

This article is epic in showing exactly how TANY (a public school in NY) exempted themselves from the state - in making students exempt to take or pass the state exams! This is the process for execution to reform the standards of our education system that was successful for this school! It shows the steps, starting with the conceptual framework of the social movement theory, implementing their ‘voice’, then convincing policymakers to make the change! In the article it was exactly what I expected, a hierarchy system.  There are people who are in the decision-making channels of power who have to be coerced or extensively asked, persuaded, etc. To have them actually reform a current policy.

trinity school, trinity school new York, new policy

“At first, the educator activists of TANY worked to maintain their waiver through established policy- making pathways. When these efforts failed, TANY turned to protest. TANY’s strategies included demonstrating at the state capital, suing the commissioner, and working to have influential policy makers intervene on behalf of its schools.”New subjects, new concepts, the LIFE SUCCESS course project for high school. “Unfortunately, the majority of instructional activities designed to promote and enhance self-determination focus on adolescents.

 Palmer, Susan B, Wehmeyer, Michael L. Promoting self-determination in early elementary school: Teaching self-regulated problem-solving and goal-setting skills.Sage Publications, 2003. https://journals-sagepub     

Susan Palmers research, title, and quote above helps validates my claim that goal setting, self-determination, is not being focused on! I think we should shape the minds of the youth... by first strongly shaping our academic curriculums in a new way. Palmer’s article of itself clarifies that we need to study what causes academic results! It is promoting evidence that self-learning and self-growth being taught purposefully has evident benefits as the children grow from adolescents (the knowledge of knowing where they are and determining to go where they want to be). 

Why are we not doing this right before we are moving out into ‘the real world’ as life building citizens?  Our solution is set; we have a need and a demand to switch our focus to our ‘LIFE SUCCESS’ course, to cover the basics to all future high school students. We don’t have it now, or anything like it. It may have the impact like the declaration of independence. 

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Our current thoughts that may cause resistance: 

“We want to keep things the same because this is how it’s always been.” 

How it’s always been will continuing to be evolving into what we have today, our school system should not be approached the same as it was last year concerning education and ways that we have advanced, progressed, evolved, especially with the rapid improvement in technology and AI. Can greater influence be achieved by convincing specific industry and life mentors to teach a part of student’s lives for students to grow similar to an apprentice; what would that do for our future as a nation? 

What we can do specifically is do a mentor rotation, so it isn’t one person only (that the people decide to teach and share knowledge is of their own free will). Everything we do comes from the knowledge we can do! We want our education to be different from normal education! The traditional way is working to move kids through the system to learn general based knowledge, sure it is essential, yet we have to think ahead and about our progress being the seeds we plant today... I think this would be enough to open up people’s minds.

Realistic points that need to be considered:

“The time frame for school is only this long… and we need to teach students these required courses in the only time traditionally allotted." 

What about we split up the amount of work for each course by a quarter (or an example amount %) to pass the course? That would give teachers and students another timeslot for another essential where the name is “LIFE SUCCESS” course, or something similar. For classes that get complete early, and there are hours left each day – these add up and can also be spent in another classroom or area where the ‘LIFE SUCCESS’ course is being taught. Another solution is we can also remove a class for high schoolers after an educated decision and substitute it with the LIFE SUCCESS course. 

I suggest a new idea can completely change it all and the hardest part would be convincing other people because their minds may be closed off to an unknown approach. I can imagine great counter arguments by saying “students would never study this class during their time off, so we must organize this as a required course to teach them this.”Out of the box alternatives implemented (though they are not the same) The policies that have been alternatively implemented, they are similar yet not the same at all: effective tutoring, Bible study class before the school day, there’s been implementation for solutions with students struggling with ADHD/ADD etc. 

There is nothing found yet for self-help courses being taught in schools except an English class studying the classics. Another alternative solution I can see being stated is that the students should study in their time off, they should self-study and self-educate themselves on these subjects on their own time. Humbly, I believe this idea taken action on will help revitalize students hopes and dreams and empower them for us to all join together in building our society to higher progress than ever before. People can chart a constructive worthwhile course (or influence their direction positively in all aspects) 1,000,000,000,000 sooner and with greater importance than we teach them algebra. The problem of our educational system will be answered with this solution by adopting a policy which focus on this and make this a requirement.

“Sick of it” 

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This photo of high-school student Jeff Bliss in 2013, was taken as he was virally being video-taped in this modern classroom, I do not think he necessarily aimed at his teacher with these remarks about not teaching correctly–   In an interview after, he goes on to say, “the bigger picture is how our educational operation is, everything we are being taught, some of it is not worthwhile, and I believe teachers and students both agree.” 

What we are taught, and more importantly… what we are not taught! Jeff, you are remembered in this framed photo for sharing your pain points that we pick up on (and like a mountain that stands still) it seems we come across the same result again. Nothing definitely happens in a permanent way of organization and cooperation from our schools with a new curriculum plan, a new class plan- here is a subject matter topic being brought to legislators.

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Stewart, Vivien. Top 10 ways to reform schools. ASCD, 2012.Retrieved 2/11/21 from: 

Thoughtful research:   Inside this article of Top 10 ways to reform schools: it is on point describing the habits of mind so eminent in our studies in ENG 105. Vision, leadership, intelligent academic standards. These are the same qualities that Vivian wrote about and did comparative research, that she focused this article about the future of our schools and how we can improve. One of the things I like about this article is the education scale is focused globally. How the U.S. is comparing with other countries. Here is the long-and-far by comparisons with the U.S. and other countries in the levels of progress between us.  

usa education, us students compared to other countries graph

 “We now know that a number of other countries have gotten a lot better than us, accelerating educational improvement in a short time and on a large scale. Their success in improving hundreds of schools is inspiring. But what exactly has enabled them to raise their game and become global high performers? And are there lessons for U.S. schools?”  

There are certain key educational concepts outside of the ones we are currently immersed in, in school. As we realize our growth in our minds is our education… there is hope for organized effort to give these invaluable teachings to our kids, and their kids. If you want any proof of this, imagine a new class on your students report card that says, ‘Life Success’. Compared to all of the others, this one class can be the one to pull it all together and if the curriculum is done correctly; the teacher proficient; this class can serve as a monumental focus toward a new agenda; for our youth to be fully aware of our free world and encourage all of them and us to build and create our world positively together.

 “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7.  

This quote and so many others are ancient evidence that; what are we doing studying most of the common subjects today that we spend so much time on just to pass the class? The Life Success Course will have its time someday, and I hope it is soon for us to realize how important it is to implement a real life, motivational and educational course … I think this idea will change billions of people forever. Not only will it change a current high-school students hour a day, I think it will be generating a cause of a long term catalyst that will have permanently bear positive fruit in our entire country. 

Learning about what we think is the ‘Truth’ of ‘Truths’ of how our life is shaped and academically including such an important subject for our kids to help guide their own life; we’d be in greater positive control of where we go, and who we become.   


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